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Meet Camille







I'm originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from Ashland College in Ohio with a B.A. in Education. After traveling the world as a Flight Attendant and visiting the Emerald Coast on many occasions, I made the decision to make this beautiful area my home over ten years ago.


While working for the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce as the Membership Coordinator, I developed relationships with many vacation property owners and managers as well as many wedding industry professionals.


Shocked, by the rising costs of weddings, I realized I could offer an economically sound alternative to lavish ceremonies.  I wanted my ceremonies to be warm and I wanted them to be a feel-good experience for the bride and groom as well as the guests.


I love meeting new people and making new friends.  This, along with my enthusiam for bringing couples together with a meaningful ceremony has made Weddings by Webster the perfect career choice for me.


It’s been a real privilege to be part of such a joyous day for so many people over the years!



Love Letters






"Camille is a pro at making a one of the happiest days of your life even more special. By catering to the desires of the bride and groom, she insures that they, as well as the guests, will long remember the personal touches that she delivers."


Michelle Giancola




If you want the wedding of your dreams with every attention to detail and your day filled with beautiful memories you must call Camille. She adds such a presence to your special day ❤

Valerie Squillante





Proudly featured in:

"Camille was a fabulous addition to our wedding team. Her personal touches really made our ceremony so much more special, got a lot of compliments on the flow and passages picked for the ceremony. Went above and beyond to help arrange a golf game the day before for the guys and interacted/included all family present. Overall, Camille is great at making the ceremony and the vows about you and your groom from the minute you meet her."

Robyn & Casey


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